He's hot, he's hip, he's Amish! Holyman Undercover is a side-splitting farce that is "Just too funny! According to Tom Saab, CFFE. Veteran actors David A.R. White, John Schneider and Fred Willard create a comedic miracle in this joke-a-second romantic comedy with lots of heart. Join a young Amish farm boy named Roy Weichbrodt (David A.R. White, Revelation Road The Beginning Of The End and Revelation Road 2 The Sea of Glass and Fire) as he says farewell to the farm and hello to Hollywood. Roy heads to Los Angeles to be a missionary, and instead finds fame and fortune playing Satan on a top-rated television show. There Roy meets the girl of his dreams ( Andrea Logan White, Fear Factor, My Date with Drew). As Roy pursues her love, his dream quickly vanishes when scheming networks, a powerful producer (Fred Willard, Wall-E, Anchorman) and a temperamental co-star ( Jennifer Lyons, Dorm Daze 1 and 2, Married With Children) turn his life into the world's worst reality show.

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Holyman Undercover

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