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The Story

When a young queen falls mysterious ill, her children are sent deep into the forest in search of her only cute, the legendary unicorn. The great magician Merlin helps them on their quest. With riddles and the unicorn's song, the children travel to the magical isle of Avalon There, they must decide what can truly cure their mother - King Arthur's powerful sister, Morgan-le-fay, or the healing touch of the unicorn.

Track List 

1. Once Upon a Time (Lauda)

2. Procession (Danse Royale)

3. Travelling (Early One Morning)

4. By the River (Gibbons-The Silver Swan)

5. At the Monastery (Gregorian Chant)

6. In the Dormitory (Riddle Lullaby)

7. In the Village (Summer Is Icumen In)

8. Meeting Merlin (Celtic Harp)

9. Cave Dance (Baile Cervantino)

10. The Birth Of Music (Sound Effects, Instruments)

11. The Future Of Music (Chaconne On Greensleeves, Bach, Mozart)

12. Beethoven and the Unicorn's Song

13. Meeting King Arthur (Festivities, Chanson A La Vierge)

14. Galloping Horse (English Dance)

15. The Lake (Tallis-Audivi Vocem)

16. The Miracle Of the Feathers (Western Wind Into Unicorn's Song)

17. The Boat (Shepherds, Calm Your Flocks)

18. Arriving In Avalon (Psaltery)

19. Court Dance (Trotto)

20. Morgan (Pilgrim's Journey)

21. Meeting the Unicorns (Sir John, His Alman)

22. In the Grove (Danzon)

23. Peace (Sweelick-Mon Dieu, J'ai En Toy)

24. The Storm (Ghaetta)

25. Freedom (Celtic-style Tune)

26. Conclusion (Amen)

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Classical Kids Song of the Unicorn

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