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The Story

With magic bells and fluyte, Sarah and the dragon find their way from the Queen of Nights's realm to Sarastro's castle. Together they help Prince Tamino find Princess Pamina and the bird-man Papageno find his Papagena

Track List 

1. Lost in the opera house: Oh Help Me (Zu Hilfe) - Tamino

2. Papageno and the birds: The Best Birdcatcher (Der Vogelfanger) - Papageno  

3. The Queen of the Night: You Must Free My Daughter (O Zittre Nicht) - Queen  

4. Pamina arrives, Papageno's magic bells: A Girlfriend (Ein Madchen) - Papageno

5. The Castle of Sarastro: O Endless Night (O Ew'ge Nacht) - Tamino

6. The magic flute: O Listen (Wie Stark) - Tamino

7. The escape: Let Us Hurry (Schnelle Fusse) - Pamina, Papageno/What Tinkles So Brightly (Das Klinget) - Chorus/the Sun Has Risen (Bald Prangt) - Boys  

8. Sarastro's welcome: The Gods Above (O Isis) - Sarastro

9. The attack of the queen: The Powers Of Night (Der Holle Rache) - Queen/This Path Will Lead You (Zum Ziele) - Boys

10. Pamina's lament: Oh, My Heart Is Broken (Ach, Ich Fuhl's) - Pamina

11. In the labrinth: Seekers Of The Light (Der, Welcher Wandert) - Soldiers/Tamino, Mine (Tamino Mein) - Tamino and Pamina/The Power Is Shattered (Zerschmettert) - Queen/The Dawn's Golden Sunshine (Die So

12. Papageno and Papagena: Ring, O Bells (Klinget Glockchen) - Papageno/Papagena

13. Conclusion: Our Journey Is Over (Bei Mannern) - All

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Classical Kids Moazrt's Magic Fantasy

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