• Hometown Heroes

Welcome to the city of Auto, where cars and trucks come to life through captivating, Emmy winning animation. Join Johnny, Izzi, EJ, Cali and friends in three amazing adventures, as they drive on the road of fun, excitement and wonder. Along the way, everyone will learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime!

Episodes include:

Center of the Universe (Politeness) - EJ is the Center of the Universe - or so he'd like to think. But life at the center is no match for the crusty Elrod. Can EJ resist Elrod's ways?

The Price of Freedom (Citizenship) - After piquing the curiosity of the younger cars, Franklin finally shares the story of his friend CJ Willy and the Big War... and what it means to be a citizen.

No Greater Love (Loyalty) - Franklin continues telling the heroic saga of CJ Willy's bravery and the sacrifice he made to save his fellow soldiers.

Bonus episodes:

Road Test for Maturity (Independence) - Road trip!... but not for EJ. To prove to the older cars he is independent, EJ decides to take things into his own wheels... but does he really need five pints of syrup?

Rumors of War (Patriotism) - The future home of the Super Mall prompts EJ and company to make a last stand. But are there other ways to defend the land they love and save their precious soccer field?

Product Information

Format: DVD

Vendor: Heartshaper Videos

Publication Date: 2015

Ages: 2-6

Series: Auto-B-Good

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Hometown Heroes

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