Terms & Conditions



1.       Order processing will start upon completing the Check Out process.

2.       Customers who choose Bank Deposit as payment mode will be given five (5) working days to email the deposit slip as proof of payment.

3.       Non-payment within the specified period automatically cancels the order.

4.       Late payment may automatically cancel orders in the system, thus may require the Customer to reenact the order again.

5.       Customers will receive verification for their successful order request.




1.       Only verified paid orders may be processed for delivery. Customer will receive verification for their successful payment.

2.       Customers will receive a notification once ordered items are dispatched for delivery.

3.       Delivery is 3-5 days within Metro Manila and 5-7 days outside Metro Manila from the date of payment verification.

4.       In case of weather disturbances and other natural calamities, Customers will be notified for the delay of delivery.




1.       HeartShapers guarantees that any item bought from this web site can be replaced FOR FREE up to seven (7) days from the date of purchase, provided a receipt or any proof of purchase is presented.

2.       Your return can only be approved based on the following reasons:

·         Damaged Item

·         Wrong Item Delivered

3.       HeartShapers does not offer any refund.

4.       Steps for successful returns:

·         Click the Return button located at the bottom of the page.

·         Fill up the form.

·         HeartShapers will send an email notification acknowledging the receipt of your complaint.

·         Send your item in its original packaging to our office, together with the printed email notification.

·         Upon receipt, HeartShapers will conduct its quality evaluation process within (2) two working days.

·         HeartShapers will send an email notification regarding the result of the evaluation.

·         Once approved, replaced item will be send to your delivery address. Standard delivery timeline applies.